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                1987:  Respondek Railroad Corporation began switching the Amoco Additives Division Plant located in Wood River, Illinois.  This contract consisted of inter-plant rail switching inside the refinery*. We provide our own locomotives, with 24 hour a day – 7 day a week availability.  In 1990, Respondek received the contract for Shell Oil, a LPG refinery also located in Wood River.

*Refinery closed in late ‘90’s – however RRC continues to provide switching services for Metro East Industries;  for locomotive and railcar storage at Amoco site.


                1998:  Respondek Railroad was awarded the contract with Arch of Illinois. This is a 5 mile coal line located near Percy, Illinois.  Respondek was the operator, until the mine closed in 2000, switching Union Pacific trains into the mine, for loading and weighing, and then back out to UP’s mainline.


                April 1999: Respondek was asked by GE Plastics, of Mt. Vernon Indiana, to do a site evaluation study of this plant’s current rail operations and rail service.  Respondek worked closely with GE crews to provide the best productivity and safety guidelines in railroading. In July 1999, GE Plastics of Burkville, Alabama contracted Respondek Railroad to do all of the interplant rail switching operations for the Alabama plant.  Respondek Crews have been trained in Hazmat and handle a variety of rail cars containing various products and chemicals for each facility within the plant. 


                August of 1999: Respondek Railroad became the operator for the Bi-State Development Agency (later called Metro), to operate a four (4) mile line, in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. This is a Common Carrier Railroad, which provides the rail service to all shippers on this line, hauling grain, steel and Metro Link cars.  In August 2006 our “sister” company Squaw Creek Southern assumed the contract and continues same service. Also in the agreement with Metro, Squaw Creek Southern maintains the track for this line, and has a Certified Track Inspector, making weekly inspections; with repairs made on ‘as needed’ basis.   


                March of 2000: Respondek began operating the Fredonia Valley Railroad, a short line railroad from Princeton, Kentucky to the Fredonia Rock Quarry. This is a 15 mile line, that interchanges with the Paducah and Louisville Railroad. It is a Common Carrier Railroad, owned by Martin Marietta Aggregate. Respondek also does all of the track maintenance and repairs for this short line.


                June of 2000: Respondek Railroad signed an agreement with the City of Litchfield, Illinois to operate all the switching for their Industrial Park.  This is a Common Carrier 3 mile short line and provides rail service to all shippers on this line.  Respondek also inspects and maintains the track for this line.


                September of 2000: GE Plastics of Mt. Vernon, Indiana contracted Respondek Railroad to do all interplant rail switching operations.  This plant originally interchanged with the CSX Railroad; with the Evansville Western Railroad now being the current interchanging railroad.  GE Plastics is a large, high-volume industry.  Respondek provides GE with experienced Engineers, Conductors and Switchmen (two shifts per day) and a Track Inspector.  Special attention being given to safety, through providing crews with OSHA training and all aspects of plant railway safety training.


                April of 2001: Respondek leases storage yards owned by Peabody Coal, and nearby, a storage yard at Squaw Creek Mine, owned by Alcoa. These yards together will hold approximately 700 cars.  Customers for rail car storage include: American Railcar Industries, BP North America, GATX Rail, GE Rail Car, Noveon,  Poly One, Reagent Chemical and Union Tank Car. Operating as the Common Carrier, our Squaw Creek Southern Railroad, Inc. operates over 21 miles of Norfolk Southern tracks between Lynnville and Yankeetown, Indiana; delivering cars to the NS Railroad.  Respondek offers competitive rates to customers for long and short term rail car storage.


            November of 2002: Respondek began doing various track replacement and repairs for the Alcoa Plant near Newburgh, Indiana.  Respondek Railroad has an experienced track repair team who will travel to various locations in the region to accommodate these various jobs. Customers also include Sterling Boiler Co. of Kentucky.


                July of 2003: Respondek began working for Black Beauty Coal, and later for customers such as Trinity Chemical Industries, Dubois County Railroad and Ribbonweld for the repairs of rail cars. We have an experienced team of welders, performing most major repairs including wheel replacement. Our team is certified and performs air testing and complete inspections.  They work out of our two Rail Car Shops – both located in southwestern Indiana, just east of Evansville. In conjunction with this, Respondek also has a mobile unit and does car inspections and repairs for the Indiana Southern Railroad, switching cars from the Alcoa plant as well; available for repairing rail cars through out the Tri-state area.   


                January 2004: Respondek began working with the Tri-City Regional Port District in Granite City, IL., to establish switching services for customers within the Port. Respondek currently does the switching for Rivers Edge Terminal, APC Warehouse, Bucol Associates and others. Respondek interchanges with the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis for the Port operations. Respondek also switches cars belonging to Reilly Industry, for storage, in conjunction with the TRRA; and offers other services to the customers such as car and track inspections and repairs. In February 2006 Respondek began switching of US Steel unit trains at the Tri City Port in Granite City. Respondek switches the steel cars in and out of the Port for storage, 7 days per week as needed and requested by the Terminal RR.


                August 2005: Respondek Railroad won the bid from the CSX RR for a 20 year lease to operate the 42 mile rail line from Richmond, In. to Fernald, Ohio. Along with two partners, a new corporation was formed called the “Indiana Eastern Railroad”. This line provides rail business to facilities including grain, chemical, recycling and others along the line. Indiana Eastern also handles unit coal trains for Richmond Power & Light.


                August 2006: Respondek was contracted by Vigo Coal of Evansville, Indiana to load unit coal trains  in and out of their Friendsville mine. This mine is located near Mt. Carmel, IL.


                May 2007:  Respondek began moving unit coal trains in and out of the Alcoa generating plant near Newburgh, Indiana. Respondek works closely in conjunction with the Norfolk Southern to keep these unit coal trains moving efficiently between Friendsville Mine and Alcoa.

Service List

Short-line Operation:



Complete short-line operations for switching and rail freight interchange services with Class I carriers




Interplant Switching



Full-service, 24/7 interplant switching utilizing experienced and fully certified train crew

Engine, Rail Car, and Track Repair



Comprehensive track inspections, maintenance and repair in addition to on-site engine and rail car repair

Car Storage and Cleaning



Long and short term storage and cleaning of both Hazmat and non-hazardous empty rail cars

Service History